Catalunya Clasico

Catalunya Clasico


     Following Andalusia in 2010 and the Basque country in 2011 we have opted for Catalonia, with a special focus on the charming seaside resort of Sitges.
An itinerary Sitges to Sitges, passing through Catalonia, the Pyrenees and Mediterranean coast.
Once a small fishing harbour, Sitges has become a luxury seaside resort, whilst retaining its picturesque old town.
We have selected the best hotel of the resort to host the rally, the hotel DOLCE*****.
Welcome to the emotion of discovery, not just of a rally but also of one of the most diverse and rich regions from the point of view of nature, history and European culture.
The Catalonian territory presents unsuspected riches, with the exotic encounter between the mountainous character of the Pyrenees and the subtle beauty of the Mediterranean coast.
In each valley nestles a hermitage or abbey, each part of the coast a fishing village. A true challenge to discover traces of ancient cultures, culinary traditions and real Catalan hospitality.
For this rally we have selected itineraries among the plethora of possible routes, and will not omit the best sections of the Rallye d’Espagne, allowing you to try “regularity” on the roads of the World  Championship.
El Clasico is an event for gentlemen drivers, with ample time between regularity test sections, all of which present a distinct variety of styles.
Our objectives remain unchanged: to offer a high end rally, yet with a rigorous roadbook and rankings.
And during the week, as always, conviviality and good humour will prevail. The regulations will remain as before, with the “joker” you have appreciated now for 3 years running.
New: the creation of 3 categories: 50 to 59, 60 to 69, and 70 to 84, as well as a “discovery” category. - +33 4 66 79 22 26 - + 33 6 85 74 03 05 

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